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AmQRP QRP Club Kits
NUE-PSK Digital Modem
The NUE-PSK is a standalone, battery-operated digital modem using a Microchip dsPIC33F microcontroller. The project uses a single graphic display for: transmit and receive text data, band spectrum, and tuning indication. When coupled with an SSB-capable transceiver and a standard PS2 keyboard, the NUE-PSK Digital Modem forms an effective, compact, and portable station for working the digial modes on the amatuer bands.
Micro908 Antenna Analyst|
A re-usable control & computing platform for antenna measurement, PSK31 digital modems, signal source & VFO, audio filters, and more. The Micro908 is an ideal computing platform for ham radio enthusiasts and homebrewing experimenters. Designed and developed over several years, its design was chronicled in QRP Quarterly magazine as the “Digital QRP Breadboard project”.  Now officially named the “Micro908”, the instrument is now available as a kit by the AmQRP Club and serves as a common hardware platform for a growing list of powerful applications:
  - Antenna Analyst   (shown in photo at left)
  - Portable PSK31 Digital Mode Controller  
  - Intelligent DSP Audio Filter  
  - HC908 Commander Remote Controller for Transceivers  
  - Memory Keyer
  - DDS VFO controller
    ... and more
DDS-60 Daughtercard Kit
This self-contained functional module generates a good-quality RF signal by using a small 1"x2" pc board with the DDS essential circuits – an Analog Devices AD9851 DDS chip, a clock oscillator, a 5th-order elliptic filter and an adjustable-level RF amplifier.  Additionally, an onboard 5V regulator is provided so you need only provide a battery or power supply ranging from 8-12V DC. The three digital control lines, the power supply, and the output signal are all available on a pin header at the board edge. The DDS-60 is even pin-compatible with the original DDS Daughtercard; only a few simple changes are needed in the software projects controlling the DDS-60. See the full details inside.
HC908 Daughtercard
Self-contained microcontroller on a 2" x 2" pc board that may be used as a standalone computing "block", or as the heart of other projects like the Micro908, the HC908 Commander, the Antenna Analalyst, or other custom projects for which you might need some computing power.  The HC908 offers lots more computing power and I/O capabilities as compared to a PIC, and the HC908's simple, self-programming feature makes it easily reprogrammable without the need for a special hardware programmer.
Tip Tapper Iambic Paddle
Credit card sized paddle for sending Morse code.   If you can tap your fingers on the table, you can tap our Morse Code with the Finger Tip Tapper. Great for backpacking and mobiling. Stays in place with no weighted base. Tactile contacts with mini 3.5mm stereo plug.  Send effortless smooth and swift CW with a light touch. Flat and flexible business card size with magnetic base. Water-resistent crystal clear vinal pouch. Vertical or horizontal layout. Colors: white,m creme, red, blue, yellow & green. Personalized with your name and callsign. Special price from designer available through the NJQRP/AmQRP.


NorCal QRP Club Kits


The NorCal FCC-1 Frequency Counter
A highly flexible frequency counter that incorporates features not found in any comparable unit. Its small size allows it to be incorporated into your favorite rig and your battery will hardly notice its modest current requirement. A high impedance input buffer provides high gain and isolates the counter to minimize loading of the signal source. The 4-bit band select input enables the counter to directly display your operating band and supports programmable parameters on a per-band basis. These parameters are stored in nonvolatile EEPROM. The 16 character by 2 line display is a high contrast, super twisted nematic LCD that's easily viewable over a wide angle in modest lighting conditions. Three menu-driven pushbuttons are provided to support user programming. Operation is as simple as connecting power and a signal source.
NorCal Crystals
NorCal has been supplying QRP calling frequency crystals to the QRP community for over 10 years.  The following frequencies available, in stock, ready to ship.  3.579 MHz., 7.040 MHz., 10.116 MHz., and 14.060 MHz.  The price is $3 each for the 7.040, 10.116 and 14.060 crystals, and $.25 each for the 3.579.  If you order 3.579 crystals only, you must order 4.  If you order 10 or more of the $3 crystals, the price drops to $2.50 each, mix or match, your choice.  The price includes shipping.
NorCal Keyer
The NorCal Keyer is an unbelievable value for $16.50.  You get a memory keyer, with 3 programmable 40-character memories, iambic A & B mode, straight key and bug mode, 2 beacon modes, and variable speed control by either a 100K pot or the paddles themselves.  The kit comes with all board mounted parts and a high quality printed circuit board with plated through holes, silkscreened legends and solder mask.  You will need to add a stereo jack of your choice and a 9V battery connector, if desired.  The kit comes with a 5V regulator and will take an externally-applied 7-to-18 volt power source with the regulator wired in.  You may also use a 3V watch battery if you bypass the regulator.


Four State QRP Group Kits


KD1JV "Tenna Dipper"
A low power antenna analyzer and ATU tuning aid


NorTex QRP Club Kits


Accuprobe RF Probe
A small, accurate and easy-to-build RF probe that is an inexpensive addition to the homebrewer's toolbox. Conceived by Doug KI6DS, designed by Joe N2CX, and layed out by  Lenny W2BVH, the Accuprobe is a descendant of the common diode RF detector.  It uses a special operational amplifier with a compensation diode to cancel out non-linear diode characteristics at low RF input levels.  This allows accurate measurements down to about 50 mV rms, as compared to several volts for ordinary detectors.  This translates to a very low QRpp level of about 50 microwatts.  The upper end of the range is 5 V rms or 1/2 watt.  A second uncompensated range is provided to allow measurements up to 35 V rms or 24.5 watts.  Compensation is not needed for the higher voltage range since the detector is linear for high input levels.


QRPpine Kits


Tuna Tin 2 QRP Transmitter
The venerable Tuna Tin 2" QRP transmitter kit is once again available. After having been revived and modernized by KI6DS and NorCal QRP Club a number of years ago, literally thousands have been sold by NorCal, NJQRP and the Ft. Smith QRP Group. Now, W1REX and the Maine QRP Group ( is keeping the tradition alive.


Retired Kits -- Not currently available but in most cases the full documentation and schematics are online.

DDS Amp Kit
     The DDS Amp is a "grand-daughter card" that is used in place of the MMIC amplifiers (MAR, MAV, ERA) provided in the DDS Daughtercard kits up to this point. Once you assemble this little kit and install it onto the (original) DDS card, you will be able to: adjust the output level with a small SMT trimpot on the board to get the desired output levels into your project, get a very flat output signal level from the DDS card from 1-30 MHz, and get output signal spectral purity close to -40 dB.

Rotary Encoders
Smooth, detentless, inexpensive encoders for use with microcontroller-based homebrew projects:

  • 2-phase output signals (A and B) as contact closures to a common pin

  • SPST momentary pushbutton on shaft

  • 48 pulses-per-revolution (each phase has 24 pulses)

  • These are the same rotary encoders as used in the Micro908 Kit 

  • Noble P/N 100-1166-101 (REB162(9X5)PVBS18.5FINB1224)

  • Dimensions: 0.6" x 0.7" base, 1.1" from pcb to top of shaft

The QuickieLab is a 4.5” x 6” circuit board with keypad, LCD, switch input and LED output capabilities built around the popular BASIC Stamp processor from The Stamp was selected because of its easy to program BASIC language and its simple hardware interface – just connect +5V to this Stamp chip and you can download a BASIC program from your PC to wiggle the output pins and read the input pins as desired.

I/O Extender (IOX)
The I/O Expander is a 28-pin SX microcontroller programmed to operate as a slave I/O processor to a host controller in your projects. IOX interfaces peripheral components (LCD, A/D Converter, digital pot, and matrix keypad) to the host processor over a conventional asynchronous serial line. Additionally, the IOX chip has a "frequency counting" capability, providing the host processor with both raw count information and processed frequency values over selectable time gate periods. The IOX chip interfaces to the host processor using a standard asynchronous serial line operating at 2400 baud.

SoftRock-40 "SDR" Receiver Kit
Looking for a quick and easy way to try out Software Defined Radio? If so, this 40m receiver kit is definitely for you. By building up a bare-bones “quadrature sampling detector” and using it with freely-available software on your computer, you can make a receiver that has more bells & whistles than you can shake a stick at, and get MDS performance better than -130 dBm!
  Halfer Antenna
The Halfer is a “minimalist” End-Fed Half-Wave Antenna for the 7 or 10 MHZ amateur bands intended to provide a very simple to erect yet effective portable QRP antenna.  It features are:  
·  Light weight - about 7 ounces  
 Small Size - fits in a quart zip-lock bag  
  Efficient - same as a half-wave center fed dipole  
  Effective - can be configured for local or DX operation  
  Simple - single antenna wire and single counterpoise wire

The AmQRP "PIC-EL Kit" is a multi-function PIC16F84A-based project board that serves as the basis for the experiments being conducted by John McDonough, WB8RCR in the online PIC Elmer 160 course. The PIC-EL is available again as a "partial kit" ... a professionally-made pc board and four parts that will give builders a head start in making up a working kit: rotary encoder, piezo/speaker, BNC connector, and a special 90-degree 8-pin socket made to to hold your DDS Daughtercard. We included a full parts list, including part numbers, for homebrewers to obtain the rest of the parts on their own from Digi-Key, Mouser, All Electronics and Jameco.

DDS Daughtercard - a precison dc-30 MHz DDS VFO-on-a-card with 101 uses. Build this simple, small AD9850-based DDS board and plug it into your favorite project to serve as a precise and stable signal source from the sub-Hertz basement all the way up to 30 MHz.
High-performance, DDS-based, standalone, 0-30 MHz VFO on a bright red 4.5" x 6.5" circuit board with quadrature signal outputs - two signals are produced with a phase difference that is exactly 90-degrees and remains constant regardless of the frequency.  When used in a DC phasing HF receiver or a single-sideband transmitter, these two outputs make it easy to provide opposite sideband suppression over a wide frequency range. The AD9854 also has a 12-bit D/A converter, as opposed to the 8-bit converter of lower-performing DDS chips.  These extra two bits of dynamic range are important in reducing the undesirable byproducts or spurs.   Dynamic performance  (Spurious Free Dynamic Range, or SFDR) improves by 6 dB with each additional bit.  As a result, the AD9854 has an 80-dB SFDR.  The AD9854 can use a 200 MHz maximum clock speed which raises the Nyquist limit and makes the LP-filtered frequency range of 0 to 30 MHz operation much easier to attain. Two PIC microcontrollers are used (control of the rotary encoder, and control of the AD9854, the LCD, the pushbuttons and the LEDs.  The software uses a two-line LCD which allows operation as two VFOs with individual frequencies. The VFO supports split-frequency operation and the I & Q quadrature outputs are each amplified to produce signal levels that are compatible with common receiver requirements, such as for the R2 or KK7B R2Pro phasing receiver projects.
TinEar Receiver
A simple DC receiver that covers approximately 400 kHz of the 40 Meter band.  Has a stable VFO, and is quite pleasant and fun to operate.  The kit is easy to build, and uses all through hole components.  Everything is included in the kit, even the straw that is used to wind the tuning coil!!  It tunes by means of a simple PTO (permeability tuned oscillator) and uses a 9V battery for power.  The receiver uses common earbud or walkman headphones and has controls for Tuning and RF Gain. The battery even fits inside the case!   
KD1JV Power and SWR Meter Kit 
A self contained power meter and SWR indicator for 50 Ohm coaxial transmission lines.
BLT Tuner  
The BLT is a simple Z-Match tuner that works from 10-40 meters, designed by Charlie Lofgren for NorCal. The "Balanced Line Tuner" was originally designed the to go with the SMK-1 and the NorCal Doublet for 40 meters, but it tunes other bands also. With the NorCal Doublet, it tunes 10 - 40 meters. We rate the tuner at 5 Watts, but it will probably be safe at 10 W. It comes with the Dan Tayloe N7VE LED SWR indicator built in, and is an absorptive bridge, so you won't fry the finals as you tune. All parts for the tuner are included, including the case. All you have to do is add one BNC and a SPDT switch, and you can use end fed wires and coax antennas. The connectors included are two 5-Way Binding Posts for the balanced feedline, and a BNC to connect to your rig.

W5JH Paddle
A small, portable and serialized 2"x2" brass paddle hand-made by AZ ScQRPion club members

ELSIE Meter Kit - a low-cost L-C Meter with audible Morse readout, constructed  Manhattan-style.

Melt-Solder DDS Controller - A super feature-rich multiband DDS controller that uses the NJQRP Daughtercard.

Serial DDS Controller - Controls the DDS Daughtercard to produce signals from 0-to-30 MHz, controlled by your PC over its serial port.

SOP Receiver - a direct conversion receiver for 40 & 80 meters

SNAP Transmitter - easy to build 80-meter QRPp transmitter

Serial CW Sender - interface Palm PDA to HF rig with integral keyer

Precision VXO - for crystal measurement and sorting, and signal source

PSK-80 Warbler - a simple PSK31 transceiver for 80m

"Badger" SmartBadge - a Morse-sounding smartbadge identifier

PSK31 Audio Beacon Kit - PSK31-encoded audio beacon feeds SSB rig

Sniffer - a tunable, multiband field strength meter. 

Fireball 40 QRPp Transmitter - 40mW transmitter for 10,20, 40 or 80m

W1CG Low Power Balun - optimized for most efficient use at QRP levels

Rainbow Tuner & SWR Bridge - resistive bridge displays SWR in colorful LEDs

Manhattan Homebrewing Starter Kit - parts & instructions for homebrewing

PSK-20 Specialty Parts - parts to homebrew SWL's PSK-20 transceiver

Scott Sled Kite - large kite supports HF antenna

4017 Transverter - K8IQY 40m-to17m transverter

80 Meter Squirt Antenna - reduced-size dipole and antenna tuner

Islander Audio Amp Kit - simple audio amp a la Manhattan

Islander Pad Cutter - diamond-tipped end mill for cutting pads in pc boards

SMK-1 Enclosure - homebrew enclosure kit for SMK-1 and BLT

Tuna Tin 2 Transmitter - classic 40m QRPp transmitter in a tuna can

BLT Tuner Z-match tuner kit with metal case

Resistor Kit - a collection of 2000 resistors for the homebrewer

MiniBoots Amp - a "QRP gallon" for your QRPp transmitters

NorCal 20 - a QRP monoband transceiver with great features.

SMK-1 - 40m transceiver, SMT components, plus FULL set of related mods by NB6M

38 Special - 30m Transceiver ... plus FULL set of related Mods and follow-up articles.

NorCal Nor'Easter - a 5.2 to 17 MHz Short Wave AM Receiver with PLL Tuning

St. Louis TunerThe NorCal ATU Kit

VE3DNL Marker Generator Kit  - An inexpensive marker generator for tuning and aligning receivers.


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