Rotary Encoders

Smooth, Mechanical, 48-Pulse Rotary Encoders

We had to order a large quantity of these nice, smooth (detent-less) rotary encoders in order to get a low price for use in the Micro908. But as a result, we ended up with LOTS extra … and we’re willing to sell these AT COST (plus mailing) to homebrewers.

  • 2-phase output signals (A and B) as contact closures to a common pin
  • SPST momentary pushbutton on shaft
  • 48 pulses-per-revolution (each phase has 24 pulses)
  • These are the same rotary encoders as used in the Micro908 Kit
  • Noble P/N 100-1166-101 (REB162(9X5)PVBS18.5FINB1224)
  • Dimensions: 0.6″ x 0.7″ base, 1.1″ from pcb to top of shaft

These are great encoders for homebrew projects …

  • IQ-VFO
  • PIC-EL (the footprint is slightly larger than the encoder holes on the pcb, but it can be easily accommodated.)
  • DDS VFOs
  • Micro908-like projects

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