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NA5N "Handyman's Guide to Capacitors" -- A very handy reference chart for capacitance, working voltage and type markings: 

Resistor Color Code Chart -- Always good to have ready at your fingertips during those late-night homebrew sessions.

The NA5N Worked All States (WAS) Map & List  -- Cool map of US for use in checking off all the states from which you have QSL cards

NA5N Guide to Oscilloscopes -- A fabulously popular handyman's guide to setup, use and interpretation of the ubiquitous oscilloscope

What Key or Paddle do YOU use? -- Check all these fine pics of paddles used by QRPers around the States

Coherent CW Archives -- The unofficial archive of the works from the early pioneers of Amateur Radio's digital communications era

N2CX on ... End-Fed Half-Wave Antennas -- Joe Everhart explains the operation, ease of use, and quality of results that can obtained with the "EFHWA"

FT-817 & Super Antenna's MP-1 -- N2APB's experiences in the Swiss Alps and on the back porch of his employers shop in rural Maryland

N2CQ Appalachian Trail Report -- Perhaps the top NJQRP field operator, Ken Newman N2CQ, details an outing done along the "AT"

Perspectives on GAP antennas -- The GAP antennas are unique and many operators find that it works great for them

Why QRP? -- How many times have you heard this question?  Here's a big set of slides you can download and use to answer that question at your local club meeting.

Dupe Sheet (PDF) -- Print out this simple dupe sheet and use in the next contest

QRP Frequencies -- Compact listing of QRP calling frequencies ... useful when looking for low power contacts on the bands

HamPIC Resource Page -- Checkout PIC projects dedicated to Ham Radio topics, references and useful tips on use of this microcontroller

Summary of Sierra Mods -- A collection of useful mods for the popular Wilderness Radio "Sierra" QRP transceiver kit.

Poqet PC Resource Page -- A QRPer's field computing dream.  A DOS-based palm top computer with lots of useful programs and uses.

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