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CW Decoder Program for Your PC
  Full featured CW decoder program for your computer, by Grant Connell, WD6CNF 

Digital QRP Homebrewing
Home site for the article series on the Digital QRP Breadboard, the HC908 Daughtercard and other featured digital projects.

Crappie Antenna
  Use this collapsible fiberglass fishing pole as a neat antenna support, as
Howard Zehr N9AHQ describes.

Back to the Future: Tuna Tin 2 & Herring Aid 5
Vintage QRP transmitter & receiver projects resurrected & updated by NorCal 

  Some rules of thumb for beginners, described by James Duffy, KK6MC/5.

Build the KA5DVS "PAC-12" Antenna
  A homebrew, multiband portable vertical antenna.

  This is the (updated) set of BASIC programs mentioned in the article "RF Fun with the RF-1" published in the Spring 97 issue of QRPp.

Build a Logging Frequency Counter
  Turn the PSK31 Audio Beacon project into an SX28-based frequency counter that talks to your PC

Toroid Design Tool
 ... by Jack Ponton, GM0RWU

Antenna Analyzer I
Here's the project that started N2APB & N2CX on the journey: an inexpensive scanning VCO and SWR bridge

  A homebrew 10m transceiver, by Wayne McFee, NB6M

Simple Regen Receiver
  The N1TEV design from QST was built up by a rural Maryland Boy Scout troop, with great results.

SMK-1 on 20 Meters
Taking the venerable SMK-1 design to 20m and adding an RF amp, audio filter, and a TiCK Keyer ... by Wayne McFee, NB6M

Portable PSK
N2APB's quest for a portable, stand-alone controller that does PSK31 encoding/decoding on 80 & 40 without using a PC

Solid State VXO, Buffer Amplifier, and Keying Circuit For Tube Rigs
Useful accessory allow
the use of smaller, modern crystal types to control and provide drive for tube rigs ... by Wayne McFee, NB6M

Summary of Sierra Mods
  A collection of modifications that can be made to the ever-popular Sierra QRP Transceiver

How Low Can We Go, With a VXO
  I wanted to learn more about how a VXO with a wide tuning range could be used in either Direct Conversion or Superhet transceiver schemes.... by Wayne McFee, NB6M

Collection of useful information for homebrewing this super simple QRPp transceiver

NB6M Homebrew DT Filter es TX
  ... by Wayne McFee, NB6M

  Collaborative project by NJQRP members featured a microcontrolled memory keyer with a controllable RF attentuator.

NB6M Homebrew Receiver and Keying
  ... by Wayne McFee, NB6M

Homebrew Kites
  This homebrew Scott Sled design from AA1MY takes HF antennas high into the air

NB6M Homebrew VXO
  ... by Wayne McFee, NB6M

DDS VFO with AD9850 + PIC16C84
  N2APB homebrewed the classic DDS VFO project from WV2B published in July 1997 issue of QEX

St. Louis Vertical
  ... by Dave Gauding, NF0R

Cigarette Lighter RF Probe
  A QRP accessory for under $10, by KW2R

St. Louis Vertical Updates
  ... Compiled by Jerry Parker, WA6OWR

NN1G Transceiver Construction Notes
  KW2R describes his notes on this classic transceiver from Dave Benson.

NB6M Paddles
  ... by Wayne McFee, NB6M

Antenna Musings
  Excerpts from a presentation N2CX gave at FDIM 97 describing portable antennas

  WK8G details his marvelous little paddle design

NorCal / K8FF Paddles
  Some notes and photos from N2WF concerning his construction of the NorCal Paddles Kit

  Dave Maliniak, AA2A collects his notes and the original article on the venerable ATU design from W6JJZ

The Perfect QRP Enclosures
  N2APB found a commercial enclosure that was perfect for many QRP station accessories

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