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Dateline: December 16, 2003 ... Kits for Kids Program Now Closed!
Guys, our 2 for 20 Keyers for Kids program is now over.  We have given away
200 keyer kits to kids thanks to your generosity and participation in the
program.  Just this past week, I received two orders, one from a scout
master and the other from a teacher who are running ham radio classes for
kids.  We are sending 10 kits to each of these groups at a very special
price, and we will be happy to discuss a special deal for groups of kids.
Just contact me with the details of your group.  But we are going to
discontinue our 2/20 offer.  Thanks so much for your help in this program.
AmQRP club is very proud that we have been able to help 200 kids get a
keyer, but we could not have done so without your help and assistance.

We are going to now move on to a simple 40 meter receiver that is easy to
build, and has 500 kHz of coverage centered on the 40 meter band.  Our
designer is laying out the board right now, and we will have kits available
after the first of the year.  This receiver will be perfect for kids to
build and will be an ideal companion for the Tuna Tin 2 transmitter that is
being sold by our sister club, QRPine (Rex Harper, the Lobstercon guy in
Maine).   The receiver uses 8 transistors, no IC's and drives a set of
walkman headphones quite nicely.  More details to follow, but we wanted to
let you know what is coming down the road from AmQRP.

Once again, the AmQRP management team of Jim Cates, Joe Everhart, George
Heron, Paul Maciel, and Doug Hendricks would like to thank all of the
"Elmers" out there who participated in our 2/20 Keyer Kit for Kids program.
Stay tuned as we have a lot more planned for the future.  

Original Deal  (no longer available) ...
The American QRP Club is pleased to announce their first "Kits for Kids"
project.  NorCal has been giving away kits to kids for years at hamfests and
QRP forums, and we have had a lot of fun doing it.  We may have set an all
time record at Ft. Tuthill by giving away 19 NorCal keyer kits, all to kids
under 16.  We believe that this encourages kids to build and learn about our
great hobby.  One thing that we always do is make sure that there is an
"elmer" who will help to build the kit in case there are any problems.
Jim Cates, WA6GER, decided that we need to do more of this, and make it even
bigger.  A few years ago, we did the NorCal 20 "buy one, we will ship one to
a third world country" kit program.  That project is still going on, George
Dobbs has a basement full of kits that are slowly going out to worthy
recipitents, and it is working quite well.  But when we did that program, we
received quite a lot of criticism for giving the radios away to third world
countries, and not helping the young people in our country.  So, Jim says
that it is now time to change that.  We pledged to support getting kids
involved in ham radio, QRP and CW when we formed the American QRP Club, and
Jim says it is time to start.
Here's the Deal [no longer available]...
If you order a special "2 for $20" NorCal Keyer kit and include the name and
call of the young person you will be giving the second kit to (or name and
address if unlicensed), NorCal will ship you 2 NorCal Keyer kits.  One will
be a normal keyer kit, that one is for you.  The second one will be a
special "youth kit".  We had builder extraordinaire Jim Kortge do a
presentation that will be on the AmQRP website, .  His
wonderful presentation takes you step-by-step through building a NorCal
keyer and mounting it into an Altoids tin.  In it, he uses a set of
connectors and controls that will be included in the special "youth kit".
When Jim finished, he commented to me that it would be a lot better if the
kits for the kids had all the parts in it, including a low current
consumption voltage regulator.  It was a great suggestion and we implemented
it, but only in the kits for kids.  We developed a "special version of a
NorCal Keyer for kids", one that has all the parts that Jim used to package
the project in an Altoids tin.
So, your kit will cost you the regular $15, the second kit will cost an
additional $5, but will include all of the connectors and controls to build
and mount the kit into an Altoids tin, just like Jim Kortge!!  Both kits
will be shipped to you, and you get the fun of "giving" it to a kid!!
Remember, that is one regular keyer kit, and one special keyer kit that has
all the connectors and controls, plus a special low current regulator that
will NOT run your 9V battery down!!  You will need to commit to helping him
by going to the Web page and showing him the neat article by Jim.  And, when
you get the keyers built, you and your "Kid" can use the keyers to practice
sending each other code!  It becomes a "code practice" oscillator!!
I have seen lots of postings on this list about how we need to do something
to encourage kids, I have seen postings about "CW is going away", I have
seen postings about how the hobby is dying and so is the art of CW.  If you
want to do something about, now is your chance.  The American QRP Club needs
your help to make this go.  I have had the "thrill" many, many times of
seeing the look on a kid's face when I gave him his kit, now you can be a
part of that.
How to Order
Sorry, this deal is no longer available.
Here is a listing of what you will get ...
1 Normal NorCal Keyer Kit
1 "Kits for Kids" NorCal Keyer Kit containing:
All the parts and pcboard of the Normal NorCal Keyer Kit Plus:
1 Mono 3.5MM Jack
1 Stereo 3.5MM Jack
1 Battery Snap for 9V Battery
1 100K pot
1 511-LE50ABZ Low Current 5V regulator (replaces 78L05 in Normal Kit)
1 2.2uF radial Tantalum Capacitor
We would love to have you send digital photos of your "kid" with his
completed kit when you finish, so we can post it on a special section of the
American QRP Club website.  Even better would be a picture of you and your
"kid" together.
Special thanks to Jim Kortge, K8IQY for all of his work on this project,
Chuck Olson of Jackson Harbor Press, Jim Cates, WA6GER for coming up with
the idea, and you, the qrpers who participate. 

72, Doug Hendricks, KI6DS  [email protected] 


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