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The next generation of the hugely-popular, small, low-cost "Software Defined Radio" receiver kit, used with powerful software on the PC for multi-mode operation

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If you have been following the excitement of the small, inexpensive "SoftRock-40" kit, presented as the feature cover article in Homebrewer Magazine this time, the designer has just now opened up ordering for the new-improved version called "SoftRock v5.0 Receiver".

As explained below, the project has two modules: a baseboard with the sampling, voltage regulator and audio amp ($19); and a daughtercard providing the band-specific oscillator and filters ($7.50 each of two modules that cover 80m-30m and 20m-10m, respectively).

Ordering information is shown below ... If you missed out on the original SoftRock-40 excitement, this is your chance. For the price, you can't go wrong building up a pair of these boards, and connecting the audio to your PC's soundcard to create an incredible receiver.

This project and kit is not associated with the NJQRP or AMQRP ... we just endorse the value, performance and usefulness!

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Sent: Monday, November 07, 2005 9:45 AM
Subject: [softrock40] SoftRock v5.0 kit orders now being accepted

Good Morning All,

Orders are now being accepted for SoftRock v5.0 kit deliveries starting at the end of November.

Orders may be placed at the PROJECTS tab on Dale's (WA8SRA) HamSDR website .

Three kits are offered as follows:

1) SoftRock v5.0 QSD kit at $19 per kit (US/Canada, $20 for DX). This is the lower board in the two board stack and contains the 5 VDC regulator, two voltage comparators, the QSD quad switch, and the dual low-noise audio amplifier. All components to build the board will be provided in this kit and also a stereo audio cable will be included. However, no RG174 coax cable or the BNC connector will be provided in the kit. (400 kits are planned)

2) SoftRock v5.0 Low Band OSC/BPF kit at $7.50 per kit (US/Canada, $8.50 for DX). This is the upper board in the two board stack and contains the oscillator circuit, the quadrature clock phase shift network and the BPF. The fundamental frequency xtal will not be included in the kit but components will be provided for use over the bands from 80 meters to 30 meters. (750 kits are planned)

3) SoftRock v5.0 High Band OSC/BPF kit at $7.50 per kit (US/Canada, $8.50 for DX). This is again the upper board and contains the components for use of the SoftRock at 20 meters and above. (250 kits are planned. Good operation at 20 meters has been demonstrated but operation at bands avove 20 meters has not been done at this date.)

After confirming your order, the preferred payment method is by PayPal at user name [email protected]  .

Thanks for your interest in this ongoing SDR project.

Tony Parks KB9YIG

PS: If you do not see the Projects tab at must first login to the site; if you don't have an account you need to create one. Once you do, you will see the Projects tab.

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