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NorCal MiniBoots Amp Kit

A "QRP gallon" amplifier for your QRPp transmitters!

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The NorCal MiniBoots Amp Kit provides a full "QRP gallon" (5-Watt output) from a 750mW-to-1W input CW drive signal.  It comes with BNC connectors, all board mounted parts and a high quality silk screened, solder masked, plated through hole pc board.  All you have to add is the power connector of your choice and a case.    See the complete technical details of this project, as designed by Wayne McFee, NB6M 

MiniBoots Kit No Longer Available
We're sorry to say that this kit is no longer in stock and we do not plan on doing further runs of the kit.  We thank everyone for their support and hope that you all have enjoyed buiding and using the MiniBoots Kit.

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