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> DDS-60 Daughtercard Kit ... now available Assembled & Tested
The self-contained DDS-60 functional ee module generates a good-quality RF signal from 1-60 MHz using a small 1"x2" pc board with the DDS essential circuits – an Analog Devices AD9851 DDS chip (sold separately), a clock oscillator, a 5th-order elliptic filter and an adjustable-level RF amplifier.  Additionally, an onboard 5V regulator is provided so you need only provide a battery or power supply ranging from 8-12V DC. The three digital control lines, the power supply, and the output signal are all available on a pin header at the board edge. The DDS-60 is even pin-compatible with the original DDS Daughtercard; only a few simple changes are needed in the software projects controlling the DDS-60. See the full details inside.

> NUE-PSK Digital Modem ... optional USB adapter now available
     The design team of Milt Cram, W8NUE and George Heron, N2APB has introduced a new, handheld, battery-operated digital modem that conveniently provides for PSK31 communications ... without using a PC!
     Presented at the recent ARRL/TAPR DCC 2007 conference, and described in the March 2008 QST and Mar-Apr 2008 QEX magazines, the NUE-PSK digital modem will work with any SSB transceiver to finally allow PSK31 to be easily done in the field ... "portable PSK".
     See the NUE-PSK web page here on the AmQRP website for overview, technical details, photos and more.  Also available are the QEX and QST articles overviewing the project.

> Micro908 Kit
     The Micro908 "Antenna Analyzer" capabilities have really matured in the 2.5 years since first introduction, and we continue to add real useful features on a regular basis. For example, recent improvements include: computational accuracy, automatic calibration, ability to calibrate the generated frequency to a known standard, startup frequency selection, and some coax measurements.  This is in addition to the standard base features of Z, R, X, L, C measurements up to 60 MHz, a VFO mode, battery operation for field use, a DSP engine with additional programs able to be run, and optional remote control of the instrument for plotting measured values on a PC.  This is quite a kit, and with open source and full documentation the Micro908 has "legs" way into the future for new applications coming downstream like Portable-SDR and Portable-PSK.

> Rookey Kit
     The Rookey is a small-yet-powerful building block of a remote control system utilizing audio tones.  The kit consists of the audio Decoder pc board, a small FM receiver, an audio patch cord, ear buds and a 9V battery clip. The microcontroller IC supplied with the Decoder board is preprogrammed with the BASIC software program that decodes the incoming audio pulses to illuminate any one of the four LEDs.
     An extra (blank) Rookey pc board is also supplied in the Rookey Kit and is easily modified for use as a mating Encoder board to generate the coded audio signals that would be sent (with a user-supplied FM transmitter) over the "transport medium" of the FM band. Alternatively, the Encoder's audio pulses could be sent to the Rookey using IR, Bluetooth, hf/vfh ham band or ultrasonic transceivers. You could even just connect the Rookey Encoder and Decoder board pair with a long run of ordinary twisted pair wires to deliver multi-function control to the end-point.  A blank Rookey pcb is also available.
     The Rookey Encoder and Decoder boards use the simple and reprogrammable PICAXE microcontroller, thus allowing you to easily customize the project by changing the codes and adding other features to suite your remote control project ideas. All encoder/decoder software is freely available on the web page.
     Additional software is available for the Rookey boards, provided by PICAXE-enthusiast David Gwillim, KB2TQX (SK). Dave's programs allow the Rookey board to function as a Randon Morse Generator, Iambic Keyer, Koch Method Generator and a temperature controller. This source code is also freely available here, and we have a limited number of "KMMT Kits" made up with the pcb and components needed to make up the KB2TQX circuits.

> Homebrewer Sprint  Results
     Check out the latest results from our popular and long-running QRP Homebrewer Sprint:
          2007:  Spring  and  Fall  (results currently coming in)
          2006:  Spring  and  Fall
          2005:  Spring  and  Fall
          2004:  Spring  and  Fall
          2003:  Spring  and  Fall
          2002:  Spring  and  Fall
          2001:  Spring  and  Fall

> HC908 VFO Software & Reference Design
     Here's yet another DDS VFO for homebrewers to try out ... but this one is different from all the rest.  It's a derivative of the Micro908 running on a minimal set of daughtercards: either the DDS-30 or DDS60, and the powerful HC908 microcontroller daughtercard. This small and standalone approach gives the builder flexibility in constructing the application, the advantage of using a ton of tested/proven VFO software, and the tremendously convenient capability of downloading new software updates from the website to provide new features as they become available. Other nifty features such as LCD backlight timeout control, built-in debugger and terminal control, and programmable scanning capabilities all conspire to make this the most flexible and singularly-powerful VFO module available on the homebrew market today.  
    By the way, this project is not a kit but instead is software that is designed to run on existing daughtercards that many builders already have, or that can be obtained as kits/modules from the AmQRP.  Using the "reference design" schematic and parts list, simply wire together the daughtercards and a few extra components, load up the software from the web page, and you'll have yourself this great little HC908 VFO.

> Software for PIC-EL supports 60 MHz operation with DDS-60 Kit



> Ham Radio
     Ham radio allows amateur radio users to listen and broadcast on designated frequencies for private, non-commercial purposes. It is a popular and educational hobby which unites diverse participants around the globe.

> Police Scanner
     A police scanner makes it possible to keep up with area events, traffic and weather. Also referred to as a “radio scanner,” this device can scan through frequencies to find signals from police and other emergency responders.


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