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Here's the full set of vendor parts numbers for the PIC-EL Kit.
Parts supplied in the Partial Kit offering are yellow-highlited.

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This is the COMPLETE parts list for the PIC-EL project.  Parts supplied in the current "partial kit" are yellow-highted in the charts below.

NOTE:  KangaUS will be offering a "bag of remaining parts" for the PIC-EL during the last half of October.  So if you purchased a PIC-EL Partial Kit from the AmQRP, you can either order the remaining parts per the vendor information below, or wait for KangaUS to announce availability of the "Remaining PIC-EL Parts Kit".  Watch for this announcement from Bill Kelsey, N8ET, or occasionally check the KangaUS web page at http://www.bright.net/~kanga/kanga/  

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QTY Designator Description All
Mouser Digi-Key Jameco
3 R1, R4, R5 22K (red, red, orange)   291-22K 22KEBK-ND  
3 R2, R3, R9 4.7K (yellow,violet, red)   291-4.7K 4.7KEBK-ND  
4 R6, R16, R17, R18 2.2K (red, red, red)   291-2.2K 2.2KEBK-ND  
3 R7, R8, R13 3.3K (orange, orange, red)   291-3.3K 3.3KEBK-ND  
2 R10, R15 330 (orange, orange, brown)   291-330 330EBK-ND  
2 R11, R12 1K (brown, black, red)   291-1K    
1 R14 4.3K (yellow, orange, red)   291-4.3K 4.3KEBK-ND  
10 R19, R20, R21, R22, R23, R24, R25, R26, R30, R34 10K (brown, black, orange)   291-10K 10KEBK-ND  
4 R27, R28, R31, R35 100 ohms, 1/8 W, (brown, black, brown)   291-100 100EBK-ND  
1 R29 560 ohms, 1/8 W (green, blue, brown)   291-560 560EBK-ND  
1 R32 100K ohms, 1/8W (brown, black, yellow)   291-100K 100KEBK-ND  
1 R33 51 ohms, 1/8W (green, brown, black)   291-51 51EBK-ND  
2 C1, C2 22 pF, ceramic disc ("22")   140-50N2-220J P4841-ND 81533
2 C3, C4 0.01 uF, ceramic disc ("103M"   140-50Z5-103M    
2 C5, C8 4.7 uF, electrolytic (blue)   140-XRL16V4.7    
4 C6, C7, C9, C10 0.1 uF, monolithic, (small yellow, "104")   80-C317C104M5U P4910-ND 25523
4 D1, D2, D3, D4 1N4148   625-1N4148 1N4148FS-ND  
1 D5 1N4742, 12V zener   625-1N4742A    
4 LED1, LED2, LED3, LED4 LED, T1-3/4 (red) LED-1      
5 Q1, Q2, Q3, Q5, Q7 2N2222A transistor, NPN     PN2222A-ND 178511
1 Q4 2N2907 transistor, PNP   611-2N2907    
1 Q6 2N4401 transistor, NPN   611-2N4401    
1 U1 PIC16F84A microcontroller     PIC16F84-04/P-ND 145111
1 U2 LM7805 voltage regulator, 5V   511-L7805 ABV 497-1442-5-ND  
1 LCD Liquid Crystal Display, 1x8 or 1x16 char LCD-84   67-1778-ND  
1 XTAL Crystal, 4 MHz   520-HCU400-20 X405-ND 137832
1 J1 coaxial power jack, 2.1mm   163-5004    
1 J2 DB9F serial connector       104951
2 J3, J8 audio jack, 1/8", stereo   161-3501    
1 J4 SIP jack, 14-pos'n   517-974-01-36    
1 P4 SIP plug, 14-pos'n   517-21029760 [1x20] WM6436-ND
(36 pos)
1 J5 IC socket, 18-position ICS-18      
1 J6 SIP jack, 8-pos'n, 90-deg    


1 J7 BNC jack, pcb mount  


1 HDR-1 pin header, 0.1", 2x6 pos'n   571-41029770 [2x40]    
1 SKT-1 Boardmount SKT, 72p strip header, 0.1"   517-975-01-36 [2x36]    
1 HDR-2 pin header, 0.1", 2x2 pos'n   571-41029770 [2x40]    
1 HDR-3 pin header, 0.1", 1x2 pos'n   571-41029770 [2x40]    
2 shunt-1 shunt, 0.1", 2 pos'n   571-3828115    
4 PB1, PB2, PB3, PB4 SPST pushbutton, momentary PB-126      
1 S1 slide switch, DPDT, pcb lunt SSW-36      
1 ENC rotary encoder, with pushbutton    


1 SPKR speaker/piezo    

433-1020-ND or


5.25" x 4.5", double-sided, masked, silkscreen top

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Quick Assy Sheet



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