Assembly / Test Manual


Fully-detailed instructions for assembly and test of the PIC-EL Kit.

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PIC-EL Board 

Shown with DDS Daughtercard, separately available.
Also shown with original (smaller 1x8 char) LCD.
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Assembly / Test Manual 

Version 1.0


Craig Johnson AA0ZZ - designer
George Heron N2APB - project manager 
John McDonough WB8RCR - technical review
Joe Everhart N2CX - technical review
Tom W8KOX & Nancy NJ8B Feeny - kitters

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Downloadable Manual.PDF
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The file is 3.4 MB in size ... please be patient when downloading.


 Section   1: Introduction -- What the PIC-EL Kit is.
 Section   2: Parts List -- A photo and description of everything supplied in the kit.
 Section   3: Test Points - Describes how to make the test points for easy checkout.
 Section   4: Capacitors - All capacitors are added first.
 Section   5: Resistors - All resistors are next added to the board.
 Section   6: Diodes - All the diodes are added at this stage..
 Section   7: LEDs - The four red LEDs are added in this section.
 Section   8: Transistors - Three types of transistors are used.
 Section   9: Connectors - I/O, I/O, it's off to work we go.
 Section 10: Controls - These components allow you to interface to the board.
 Section 11: Checkout with Test Program - This neat program is great feedback for successful kit assembly!
 Section 12: Installing FPP - Install the programming software called "FPP" onto your PC
 Section 13: Programming a PIC - How to use FPP to burn a software program into a PIC.
 Section 14: In Case of Trouble - When all else fails ... "whatcha gonna do?"  


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