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Fully-detailed instructions for assembly and test of the PIC-EL Kit.

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Section 7: LEDs

You should next insert all four LEDs into the lower left portion of the pc board. 

Similar to diodes (which an LED is by nature), polarity and component orientation in the board is crucially important. The cathode of these LEDs are denoted by the shorter lead as shown below. The cathode side of the LED is also denoted by a small flat side of the plastic body near the base of the part. This is sometimes hard to see, so you should use the shorter lead as the indicator for the cathode.

Insert the LEDs with the shorter lead going into the pcb hole closest to the flat side of the silkscreened designator, as shown below.

Solder all LEDs flush to the pcb and clip off excess lead length from the bottom.


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Page last updated:  Feb 4, 2004