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Fully-detailed instructions for assembly and test of the PIC-EL Kit.

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Section 5: RESISTORS

All resistors will be added in this section. 

The color code painted on the resistor body denotes its value. The parts list states the color code of the specific resistor value for those not familiar with the industry-standard color coding scheme. The codes are read from left to right on the resistor body when held horizontally, as illustrated in the Parts List.

The resistors leads will be bent at 90-degrees to match the holes indicated on the pc board. A few of the resistors are "tight", meaning that the leads are bent fairly close to the resistor body, but most are bent a few millimeters out from the edge of the body.  To be sure how to bend the leads, check each resistor position before bending its leads.

A technique employed by experienced homebrewers is to insert and orient the resistors on the board in a common way. For example, by orienting all resistors with the color bands on the left side (for horizontal layout) or on the top side (for vertical layout) it will be easier for you to read the color codes once the board is assembled.

Although you could insert all resistors before soldering them all, but it may be easier to insert them in groups of five, then soldering them in and clipping their leads before proceeding on to the next group of five.  This will prevent the mess of long leads protruding on the bottom of the board from interfering with the soldering of the individual leads.


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